Packages + Services

Applicant and Re-Applicant MRI

Free to complete

$180 for results (25-minute call with Karen)

Gain an understanding of your competitiveness as an applicant or re-applicant. Schedule a follow-up call with Karen to discuss your current level of competitiveness and what to do next to improve your application. Request an MRI today!

"Fine Print": Must complete the Applicant MRI to apply for purchase of packages. Exceptions are those who would like an application review.

One-on-One Sessions (50-minute sessions)

1 session: $375

3 sessions: $975

10 sessions: $2975

Get all your questions answered as you consult via phone, FaceTime, or Zoom with Karen. Not sure what to ask? Don’t worry. With nearly 25 years of experience, Karen knows how to lead you through the entire process. Whether you are starting with “Is a career in Medicine right for me?” or “What can I do to strengthen my application?”, Karen knows what to do and how to maximize your experiences to improve your competitiveness.


"All-In Guaranteed" Package


This package includes the following:

-      Essay Development

-      Application Review

-      Mock Interview

-      School Selection


With matriculation rates of over 90% for Medical, 95% for Dental, and 100% for Veterinary and Law, Karen can guarantee her guidance will help you get into your desired professional school. If not, she will work with you again the next cycle at no cost

"Fine Print": This is not available for re-applicants. Must have Karen’s approval to accept.


Personal Statement: $1875

2 Other Application Essays: $900 for both

All 3 Essays (TMDSAS): $2775

Receive comprehensive, personalized guidance from Karen using her proven process and unlimited revisions of your primary application essays. 

Exhaustive Application Reviews (TMDSAS, AMCAS, AACOMAS)

First-time applicants: $1275

Re-applicants: $1475

Get your second opinion this year so you don’t need Karen's second opinion next year.

Karen’s thorough review includes finding and removing your most costly application errors, editing your primary application essay(s), clarifying and strengthening activity descriptions, and more. 


In her almost 25 years of performing application reviews, she finds a minimum of 40 errors on every application, even on those applications where students say, “It just needs a quick check.” 


When you upload your application, she’ll have it back to you in two days (48-hour turnaround). To purchase this package, please email the office team.

Secondary Applications


​Unlimited edits and application reviews on for up to 6 secondary applications.​

Mock Interviews


Dust off your interview suit! One-on-one mock interviews include a practice interview where Karen uses your application to ask specific questions about you and your standing . Each mock interview session ends with an evaluation of your performance with advice on how to improve. Gain confidence in your ability to present yourself well in any interview format.

Essay Development Tool


Karen's 26-page PDF guides you through her patented brainstorming, writing, and editing process she uses with her one-on-one students. You can write your best personal statement as if she were sitting right next to you. To purchase this guide, head to

Zoom Seminars


Seminars are a great opportunity to learn about topics in the application cycle. These seminars are offered throughout the year and focus on essays, applications, and more. Check to see upcoming seminars.