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Client Agreement

Karen's Commitment to You:
1. Karen will use her professional experience and expertise to give you relevant feedback.

2. Karen will be honest and accurate on any work she completes on your behalf.

3. Karen will respond in a timely manner to all inquiries.

4. Karen will work quickly and efficiently as possible on outside work.

Your Responsibilities:
1. I understand I will be billed for work on any tasks performed by Karen that are not
done in my presence. (Work of this nature including, but not limited, to phone calls,
editing, and reviews will be billed at 25-minute increments.)

2. I understand I will be charged my session rate when I talk to Karen in-person, on
Zoom, or by phone.

3. I will be honest in my activities, accomplishments, and materials I provide to Karen.
All information I provide to Karen is my own and correct to the best of my knowledge.

4. I understand text messaging for easily answered questions are free of charge.

5. I understand Karen is willing to discuss procedures and suggestions with parents at
my session rate.

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